Laura Christ, Leigh-Ann Fabianke and Tim Sueltenfuss founded Galen Driscol because of a passion to help people and organizations work better together, resolve conflict, and simply get work done! 

Galen Driscol is a communications and conflict resolution firm that serves as a neutral, unbiased intermediary.  We help teams, organizations, and communities:

  • Translate disagreement into collaboration
  • Communicate complex information effectively
  • Guide sensitive and difficult conversations
  • Identify and correct inefficiencies
  • Make effective decisions
  • Identify and address potential or existing problems
  • Take timely action

Behind the Name

‘Galen’ comes from the Greek name Galenos, which means "calm". ‘Driscol’ is derived from the Gaelic language and means “intermediary” or “go-between”.  At Galen Driscol, our team of communication and conflict resolution specialists serve as the neutral, calm intermediary to help our clients work through problems, address contention, and successfully accomplish their work.

Our Approach

Our focus is on creating process-driven solutions to provide collaboration, structure, organization, and accountability between groups and individuals that are working together to reach common goals.  We tackle the relational and human aspect of business operations to help people effectively communicate even during contentious, complex and high-profile situations.  Our neutrality enables us to gain trust and support from all participants and allows project leads to focus on technical content rather than procedural or relational matters.