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Partnering Team Vision

To participate in partnering in order to complete the environmental restoration program by promoting protective cleanups which are efficient and timely.

Partnering Team Mission

Promote partnering in North Carolina between DoD and the Regulatory Community in order to

Partnering Team Goals

Plan and execute a North Carolina Tier I and Tier II Environmental Restoration Program workshop.
Provide partnering training to new members and refresher/technical training to continuing members as needed.
Provide a mechanism for identification and a forum for ongoing discussion of statewide issues.
Develop a statewide Environmental Restoration strategy to assist Tier I teams in meeting their objectives.

  • Promote and encourage the distribution of success stories/lessons learned (positive and negative) and technology transfer.
  • Promote consistent implementation of State, EPA, and military service policies, guidance, and regulations.
  • Continue Tier II team development.
  • Conduct one technical presentation or site visit per Tier II meeting.
  • Conduct team development activities as needed.