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Partnering Team Vision

  • A collaborative team dedicated to protecting health and the environment by assisting and supporting Tier I teams to reach site closure and to ensure a quality environment for the people of Mississippi, today and tomorrow.

Partnering Team Goals & Objectives

  • Establish and maintain a collaborative restoration team dedicated to protecting health and environment. We will:
    • Recognize individual and team decision-making boundaries
    • Conduct regular, facilitated meetings
    • Communicate effectively and openly discuss sensitive matters
    • Identify and participate in team development
  • Develop a Mississippi restoration program strategy to reach site closure and beneficial property reuse. We will:
    • Share lessons learned, good and bad, and promote technology transfer
    • Use exit strategies to monitor progress toward site closure
    • Promote consistency in State and Federal policies, guidance, and regulations
  • Facilitate environmental restoration by using the partnering process to solve problems quickly and informally. We will:
    • Support and empower Tier I teams
    • Identify potential problems as early as possible and discuss them openly
    • Provide a forum for consultation and resolution of Tier I impasses
    • Elevate Tier II impasses and recommendations to Tier III expeditiously
  • Focus partnering efforts on providing a quality environment for the future. We will:
    • Promote restoration technologies that minimize the transfer of contamination between media
    • Incorporate sustainability principles into the restoration process