This questionnaire is designed so that you can provide feedback about agenda and discussion topics you would like to see addressed at the 2018 Air Force Regional Environmental Restoration Summits. Below are some topics that attendees of the 2017 Summits identified as potential topics for the 2018. Please rate how important each topic is to you (not at all interested, interested, extremely interested). In the space provided below the topic please also include what aspect(s) of that topic you would like to explore more in-depth/have questions about/would like to specifically see addressed. Thank you for your feedback!
PFOS/PFOA (Funding, Priorities/Schedules, Regulatory Concerns)
Other Emerging Contaminants
Optimized Remediation Contracts (ORCs) that will replace PBRs (including successes, issues and solutions)
Dispute Resolution
Improving Conceptual Site Models and other ways to expedite clean-up
Vapor Intrusion
Five-Year Reviews
Emerging Technologies/Green Remediation